Friday, 13 December 2013

Liebster Award (Tag) x2

I have been nominated for this award twice, once by Scarlet Raptor/Raptor Elytra/etc. at Raptor Hiddenblade's even messier scribblings and once by Hyperlinkzer at The Edge.
First, Raptor:

1. What is your current project?
A currently unnamed epic fantasy.

2. What is your main character’s name?
I have two. One is named Koseph Oldspear. The other is named Empress Tal-Alyssa Neruval Jenikos Viritril Malacan Starblade.

3. What is your main character’s fears?
Alyssa fears that the kingdom may fall.

4. How far are you in your latest project/book?
53228 words.

5. Are you doing NaNoWriMo?
I was.

6. If so, what are you aiming for?

7. List your five favorite books.

5. The White Lion Chronicles
4. Berinfell Prophecies
3. Binding of the Blade
2. Dragons in our Midst (including Oracles of Fire and Children of the Bard)
1. Lord of the Rings (including the Silmarillion, The Hobbit, and the movie adaptions)

And yes, I know those are series rather than books, but I didn't have a book list already written.

8. What is your characters strengths?
Alyssa is good at leading people. Koseph is (supposed to be) wise.

9. What does your Character like doing?
I'm not sure, they don't have much time to do what they like doing.

10. In your latest project, has anyone died yet?

And second, Hyper:

1. If you could visit any of the Seven Wonders of the World (ancient or modern), which would you choose, and why?
Probably the canal of Khel-Mithare (one of the Seven Wonders of Arathea :P)

2. Would you rather swim in a pool full of lobsters or one with a single piranha? Explain your decision.
The piranha. I flipped a coin.

3. A plate with a food that you have never tried before is sitting in front of you. It looks absolutely delicious. You are about to dig in, but suddenly a genie appears holding a plate of your very favorite food. He says you may choose one, but if your choice is your favorite food, you will never again have the chance to try the new food. What do you do?
Try the new food.

4. The baddest bad guy you can think of is coming to your house. Your reaction?

5. Would you rather clouds be made of cotton candy or marshmallows?
Marshmallows. Mawshmawwows are what bwings us together today.

6. If you had an Iron Man suit, what would you do with it?
Wear it.

7. An oven crashes through your roof and smashes a bowl of snacks that you were just about to eat. What do you do?
Cook more snacks on the oven.

8. Would you rather be able to jump really high or be really strong?
Jump really high.

9. What do you think about Cheez-its?
What about them?

10. You are skydiving. Suddenly a Pegasus flies past you. You're about to switch on your rocket boots and chase it, but then a flying pig flies past you, going the other direction. You can only catch one. Which do you go after?
The pegasus.

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