Saturday, 25 May 2013

Another Tag

Well, I've been tagged by Hyperlinkzer again. I thought that this tag was over - evidently not. Well, 10 facts:

1. I am currently reading Left Behind: The Young Trib Force
2. I am up to book 10 out of 12.
3. It is currently 7:06 and we still haven't had dinner.
4. My younger siblings (some of them…) are watching Dumbo.
5. I am the oldest in my family (excluding my parents, of course)
6. I got a new ruler today, because one of my brothers broke my old one :(
7. I am creating characters for writing a Berinfell Prophecies book.
8. I can program in AppleScript.
9. It is a full moon tonight.
10. I am not going to tag anyone else. I know, sneaky :P

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