Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Seven or Five Tags

So, I got tagged by: Rayne Speryll from Writing in Rivendell, Bonnie Smithies from Bonnie's Blessings, Leilani Sunblade from Dreams and Dragons, Hyperlinkzer from Livin' on the Edge, and Sine Nomine from Centum Miles Somnii. Seven tags. Wait… hmm, I can only see five there. I counted seventy earlier though. I'll do seventy anyway… if I can.

1. I have straight hair which sticks up. I don't do anything to it.
2. I am about 5'11''.
3. I am the oldest person in my family. (excluding my parents, of course)
4. I am homeschooled.
5. I live in New Zealand.
6. Jag is short for Jai'galaar.
7. I have 9 younger siblings.
8. I am learning Latin, (Koine) Greek, Hebrew, and Spanish.
9. I have invented my own language (named Delvish).
10. Do I really have to do seventy of these?
11. I am right-handed.
12. Table tennis is the only game in which I get really competitive. (oh, and Capture the Cones, but not as much)
13. I play violin and piano. I can also play guitar and drums, but I don't normally practice them.
14. I have 2 screens connected to my computer.
15. One of the screens is connected by VGA, the other by DVI.
16. I like building large LEGO models, normally of architecture.
17. I don't like animals. (except dragons, but they don't count…)
18. I have finished the first draft of a book, at ~55,000 words.
19. I know that most mountain ranges go north-south, rather than east-west.
20. It is not my birthday today.
21. I prefer Macs to PCs.
22. I have a Fujifilm camera.
23. I touch-type using the Dvorak keyboard layout. I can type at up to 102 words per minute.
24. I prefer chemistry and physics to biology.
25. My character Telefure is the most similar to myself.
26. I use a mechanical pencil to write with.
27. The first fantasy books I read were the Narnia series (at age 5!)
28. I like archery and I think I'm reasonably good at it when you consider how infrequently I get to practice :(
29. The time at the moment is 3:40 PM.
30. I am both a morning and a night person.
31. (I think) I can be both an introvert and an extrovert when I want to.
32. I don't mind being tagged, but 70 facts? Seriously?
33. I don't like it when batteries are flat.
34. I have green eyes.
35. I like drawing maps.
36. I use Gmail.
37. The 'Jag' in my username comes from a clone pilot from Star Wars.
38. I am currently listening to Star Wars: The Clone Wars as I write this. Some of my younger brothers (and sisters) are watching it.
39. I like listening to movies that I know quite well.
40. It is currently the school holidays in New Zealand. (however, by the time I finish this list…)
41. I started this list on Monday.
42. As I write, it is currently Wednesday.
43. Two of my brothers are away right at the moment.
44. I like The Hobbit, Lord of the Rings, and Star Wars movie soundtracks.
45. I like bright torches (if they are mine).
46. I am going to be a leader at a kids' camp next week.
47. I am wearing jeans.
48. I always wear my watch on my left arm.
49. My violin case is green.
50. I like Microsoft mice, even though I prefer Mac computers.
51. I dislike people leaving stuff on my desk.
52. My favourite programming language is AppleScript. (It's also the one that I'm the best at.)
53. I have 13 items on my desktop.
54. My favourite colour is green (although blue is nice too).
55. I like chocolate.
56. My desk is covered with stuff. (Apart from just where I type. I can't stand that part being messy.)
57. The curtains in front of my desk are blue.
58. Hmm… I set out to do seventy statements, and now I can only find five tags. Hmm…
59. It is now 4:46 PM.
60. It is now 4:48 PM. See how long it takes me to think up these statements??
61. It is now 4:49 PM. Hey, I could do this for the last ten!
62. I have decided not to continue doing time posts.
63. My copy of the Lord of the Rings has a red cover.
64. Sixty-four makes me think of 8x8. I like maths :D
65. My account picture on my computer is of Bofur.
66. We have a A4-height poster of all the dwarves from The Hobbit up on the wall near my computer.
67. I have read all of The Silmarillion.
68. I can touch the roof in my house without jumping.
69. I wrote fact 70 just after fact 29.
70. This list has taken me several days to write.

*sinks back into chair exhausted*

And I'm not going to tag anyone...


  1. Wow! Very impressive list. I also play violin and piano. They're both awesome! How is "The Silmarillion"? I have heard from some that it is good, and from others that it is impenetrable. I think I'm going to find a copy to read this summer.

    1. Yah. They both are :)

      It's both. I have read it once right through, and that was about my fifth try over a period of seven years or so? (I got it out from the library each time). But once you've read and understood it once, you'll always be able to read it again. Two hints: make sure you're not tired when you read the start, and don't skip parts, or you'll end up totally confused.

  2. Highly impressive, Jag! I'm amazed you came up with so many!

  3. I tagged you.

  4. Well, here's another tag. :P