Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Berinfell Prophecies fanfic 'Whitehall'

Six of the Lords were gathered in their meeting room. A blazing fire illuminated the room, allowing them to see each others' faces. Suddenly, Jimmy rushed in.
"Grimwarden sold Whitehall!" he blurted out. The Seven all leapt to their feet.
"Wha-wha-what?" Tommy asked. "He sold Whitehall?"
"Yes yes yes!" Jimmy responded, speaking quickly. "He wasn't sure about it, but then he got an offer that he couldn't turn down! I told him he shouldn't, but he didn't listen to me! He just went ahead and did it! And then they built a hotel there!"
"A… hotel?" Kat asked? "He turned it into a place for tourists? How could he betray us, and sell Whitehall to the enemies?"
"I-I-I-I don't know," Jimmy responded rapidly. "I told him not to and said he would be crushed for sure, but…"
"He was crushed?" Jett asked in anger.
"Totally!" Jimmy replied.
"We must go and avenge our noble Guardmaster, even if he did fall into the temptation of greed." Autumn said. "But who was it that defeated him?"
"Gold-Goldarrow," Jimmy stammered.
"Goldarrow?" the others asked in unison.
"Yes, I thought you knew…" he said as the others rushed out of the room.
"But-" he shouted to them as Johnny's back disappeared around the corner.
He sighed and jogged to the room where Goldarrow and Grimwarden were, happily playing Monopoly.



  2. HA!!! That's awesome! XD

  3. Hehehe....I love Monopoly! That's hilarious!

  4. LOL XD "happily playing Monopoly" XD

  5. Lol, that was HIL-AR-IOUS!!!!!!!I laughed sooooo hard! XD

    }Lady Maggie{