Friday, 30 November 2012

I've been tagged!

Voluntarily, that, is. By Ryebrynn.

1.) Do you like chocolate?
2.) Do you like sugar?
It's okay.
3.) Are you homeschooled?
4.) Do you write?
5.) Have you ever taken a freezing cold shower?
6.) Do you like to write?
7.) Do you have a strange interest in everything sugary and sweet?
8.) Are you allergic to anything?
9.) Do you live in a strange location?
Depends on what you define as 'strange'.
10.) How many animals do you have?
11.) Do you like candy?
It's okay.

So, my 11 questions:

1. Are you awesome?
2. What is your favourite colour?
3. Have you read Dragons in our Midst, Oracles of Fire, and Children of the Bard 1-2?
4. Have you 'followed' my blog?
5. Did you just do it?
6. Are you looking forward to The Hobbit?
7. How many books have you started to write?
8. Are you strange?
9. When did you first start reading fantasy?
10. Do you write?
11. Have you ever been out of your country of birth?

And… the person I'm going to tag is…


You've been tagged!
(if you've already done it, please tell me and I'll tag someone else)

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